LIVE LEARNING: Pushed to fail and learn

This is the fourth in a series of posts sharing what we are learning in trying to launch a spiritual movement through digital channels. To catch up, start with Part 1.


I currently live in a city that has a lot of lakes and pools. A fun place, but also dangerous if you don’t know how to swim.  One day I announced to my 3 year-old that I was going to teach him to swim.  In response he grabbed his pool toy and ran to mom. My desired Outcome was too big for him to want to take any Faith Action on.

As you know, our team recently took on the task of using digital channels to launch spiritual movements where none currently exist. In our first planning session, we naturally asked – what Faith Actions do we need to take to launch a movement?

It felt huge. It felt like we needed weeks of planning, lots of preparation, as well as the creation of new tools and materials.

Problem was, we were given 10 days to deliver something. Ten days!!! Are you crazy???

Impossible timelines can help move from endless loops of theory to actual execution.

We decided our Fruit for version 0.1 should be simple – LEARN.

We would leave the Outcome for later.

I confess it was difficult for me.  I like Outcomes to be BIG! I like long-term thinking. I like to be perfectly planned.

But moving out while still in the dark did something to us; it focused us. We were released to do crazy things and make mistakes. To try even though we expected to fail.

We became intensely engaged on the few key questions we had to answer. Nothing else mattered. Everything else was a distraction.

Yesterday my son and I went swimming.  I invited him to put his face in the water and blow bubbles with me.  He was hesitant but as I did it a few times, he started too.  His Faith Action to blow bubbles delivered us to some real Fruit -putting his face in the water.  Now we are finally on the path to our real Outcome, swimming.

What we did RIGHT

We did something. And we succeeded in prayerful/reflective learning.

What we DIDN’T

We kept getting hung up on trying to have everything perfect.

We also wanted to jump way ahead before we had really learned.


Accelerated our timelines to force us to keep going faster than we were comfortable.

QUESTION: Where are you stuck with large tasks and timelines and no real progress? How can you just go blow some bubbles to get started making progress?

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