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Every Disciple. A Story to Share

My Story is a personal evangelistic tool designed to help every disciple share their story with their networks of friends and family.

Two approaches to online ministry

Why My Story? There are two common approaches to online ministry.  The top process shows the professional style (large websites, trained e-mentors). The role of the disciple is to point friends to a site and turn the process over to the “professional”. The disciple doesn’t carry much responsibility for continued engagement.

My Story (about page) is designed to help a disciple have a personal evangelistic tool to engage their friend network. The hope is that it will create a movement of disciples that have a personal evangelistic lifestyle.

To see it in action, here is Jan-Willem Bosman’s,  Marjon Bosman’s, or John McNeill’s personal stories.

Lastly, they have created an offline tool to help a disciple more broadly invite other’s to hear their story.

offline tool to help broadly invite people to hear your story
offline tool to help broadly invite people to hear your story

The Swiss team is starting an international roll out in middle to end 2013.  If you are interested in getting this tool for your country email them at

How might this tool help you as you train disciples to share their testimony?