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Are we guilty of this?

I follow a magazine called The Atlantic on Twitter. Last night one of their articles caught my attention.

How Much Should It Cost to Find God?

The author recounted her recent spiritual trek to find god. She “paid a steep fee for accommodations that felt like camping, drank copious amounts of grassy-tasting herbal tea and forced [herself] to wake up at the crack of dawn to participate in group activities like ‘walking meditation circles’.”

Leaving aside the mystical new-age pathway she has chosen for her pursuit of a god, I appreciated the transparency she used to guide me through her experience.  As I read about high priced mentors and religious trinkets I grew uncomfortable with similarities to Christian culture.

Two recent examples.

A college student was sharing  the difficulty of leading a bible study with her peers. They were tired of spending money to buy books and pay licensing fees for materials just to study the Bible together. Because they couldn’t be together every week, they felt there was wasted value. It also was too much like the school experience they were in (buy books, pay fees, attend “class”).

Last spring, a friend attended one of the largest Christian leadership conferences in North America. Upon his return, he dropped a stack of high quality, professionally designed print media on the desk. Curious, we decided to inventory the calls-to-action. What were all these people wanting us to do? Well, they wanted us to…

Buy something that costs (36%)

Apply for something that costs (16%)

Join something that costs (16%)

Fund something (15%)

Register for something that costs (7%)

Sign up for something free (4%)

Download something for cost/free (4%)

Call/Write for more information (2%)

Hmmm.  I’m fully aware of the irony here, since the first thing you see on is the opportunity to register for a conference (for a cost!).

As I continued to follow Natasha’s journey the words of Paul were nearly screaming at me.

the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

– Paul in Romans 6:23

As Indigitous develops as a movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital, we need to be asking ourselves these two questions.

Are you findable to Natasha and searchers like her? 

How much does it cost Natasha to find God on your ministry’s, church’s, organization’s digital spaces? 

May the gospel be free and broadly proclaimed to all.