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3 Ways to share your faith during the Olympics

As a Canadian, I love getting up each day this week and watching the Olympics with my morning toast and cereal. It’s a bonus that my country is at the top of the gold medal leaderboard right now!

More than national pride, the Olympics offers a special opportunity to engage my friends and network with the personal stories of athletes who have found their hope in more than gold.

In less than two minutes, here are three ways you can help others discover Jesus during the Olympic season.

1. Share an athlete’s story by video


The Jesus Film Media App has moving, short testimonies from athletes that have found Christ. You can share them to Twitter and Facebook right from within the app.

2. Share an article about an athlete

Bobsled has the stories of Christian Olympic atheltes and how they’ve put their hope in Christ. It’s clear that while they are doing everything humanly possible to be on the podium they realize that the podium is not life’s ultimate aim.
Curt Tomasevicz (Bobsled)
Trevor Marsicano (Speedskating)
Jilleanne-Rookard (Speedskating)
Kelly Clark (Snowboarding)
and more….

3. Tweet at athletes

By writing a short note of encouragement or 140 character prayer for an athlete, you can display Christ’s love for all people.  Here’s a good list of some American Christian Olympians on social media.

How are you using the Olympics to share your faith?