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Indigitous Amsterdam – why it was a great investment

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I am a busy person and I kind of like being that way. It’s the price I pay for getting things done. So when I was considering going to Indigitous Amsterdam I asked myself this question: What makes the investment of time and money worth it?

Sure, you get to meet a lot of people that share your enthusiasm and passion. Sure, you get to hear from speakers both from inside and outside the mission field, some of them experts in the secular world, you see a cool and exciting city like Amsterdam.
Looking back at the Indigitous Amsterdam I would say that what really made it worth it for me was the Experience project. Durring the conference we break out in workgroups and colaborated on improving an ideea or creating something. My group worked on developing an app that would enhance an offline strategy in Romania.

The best thing about the Experience team project was that brought toghether great human resources. In my group alone there was 2 project managers, one creative director from an advertinsing company, 2 Android programers and a lot of strategist and practitioneers in the ministry. In less than 2 day we had a mockup of the app that we are working on developing in Romania right now.
That is something that a lot of money can’t buy and was one of the reasons I congratulate myself for choosing to go to Indigitous Amsterdam.