David pursuing mobile ministry after Indigitous Addis

DavidAs Indigitous Addis host, I am very much encouraged seeing progress and initiatives continuing  after the conference. This morning I read the following blog post on Mission Aviation Fellowship website featuring David Pasipamire story.

David is ministering in Zimbabwe for Life Ministry Zimbabwe—a Campus Crusade for Christ ministry. David said on the interview,

“We are living in an oral world and a digital world and the two need to be connected. This in turn affects the way we teach, educate and help people to learn.” The challenge is to pioneer mobile ministry solutions for people that can help them orally, as David puts it, “carry out Jesus’ Great Commission within their own spheres, region, people group, or tribe, using local languages.”

David attended a seminar on the idea of sharing Scripture through storytelling and discussion during Indigitous Addis. He said this highly inspired him to enhance his mobile ministry initiatives. After Indigitous Addis David discovered the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF’s) website where he discovered a link to using mobile technology and orality for ministry.

Please read David’s full story here with the five Tips for Initiating Mobile Ministry for Oral Learners 

If you attended one of our Indigitous conferences like David, we would love to hear  your experience too.

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