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From God Tools to Church

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god-tools-appRecently Rich Street, a part of Cru’s Global Digital Strategies team, agreed to meet a friend, Brian, for lunch. Their children play Pop Warner football together, but they weren’t close. They had certainly never had a deep spiritual conversation before. After small talk about sports and their families, the conversation eventually turned to faith, where it was revealed that Brian is agnostic. To help explain his own beliefs, Rich reached into his pocket and used the God Tools app on his iPhone.

Brian was impressed with the digital nature of God Tools and found the conversation to be natural and unforced, unlike how he would have expected had someone handed him a paper tract. Through the course of the spiritual conversation, Brian showed interest in Christ but was struggling with the idea of allowing Jesus to lead his life. Brian did not pray to accept Christ that afternoon, but when Rich later invited him to church, Brian and his wife obliged. To Brian’s surprise, that day’s sermon dealt with the very subject with which he was struggling, making Jesus Lord of his life. He even asked the pastor afterwords, “How did you know I was struggling with this?”

Brian attended church the next two weeks, in the third week even inviting a friend to come with him. God was clearly working on Brian’s heart. A short time later, Rich met Brian again, but it wasn’t the same Brian. This was a new creation in Christ. After going to church and bringing his questions to God and to others, Brian prayed to receive Jesus! This is another example of how God can use a small encounter to do huge things.