Communication / Facebook is here to stay!

Facebook is here to stay!

While preparing for Indigitous Addis, I met a pastor who was considering to use FaceBook for ministry. He had told me he was sad to hear that FaceBook is being ‘phased out’… (I’m not sure he made that conclusion). He was not able to attend the conference but we agreed that I would facilitate training for them to know how they can be able to tap into that platform.

The date was set, announcements were made and we went for the training last weekend. I invited others that were part of the Addis event and together, we trained the church leaders. Many of these were older persons but there were a few that were young. We had a wonderful discussion on a few social media sites and eventually they all joined at least one where they were not in.  FaceBook was discussed at length, including how many Kenyans are on FaceBook and the average hours spent on it: and my pastor friend now knows it is not being phased out!

Lucy WanjiraMy highlight was Lucy Wanjira (pictured) who is a senior government employee. She said that all managers in government need to receive this training because digital platform is what will give them audience with the young people not only in godly matters but also in life matters. She said she has been wondering how to communicate with young people who seem very impatient. Now she knows how to get them to listen to her on all fronts!

We are very expectant from the Lord on what He is doing in the church through this platform!