First Indigitous Session teaches how to know your audience

Lieze Langford

Indigitous Sessions_Lieze Langford Post eventIf you don’t know who you’re talking to, it’s hard to know what to say. Different people have different interests, needs, desires, and struggles. Every advertising and marketing agency conducts extensive research so they can tailor their message to their audience. They know what to say their product offers because they know what they audience wants. Does your digital strategy put that much thought into your audience? How can this be applied to evangelism? That was the main topic of the first installment of Indigitous Sessions, as Lieze Langford gave a webinar on “Debunking Digital Strategies.”

Many people don’t consider their audience when it comes to evangelism. “What do they need?” they ask. “That’s easy. They need Jesus!” That’s true, but people are initially drawn to Jesus in different ways. A one-size-fits-all approach to telling the Good News isn’t the most effective way of reaching the lost. In her Session, Lieze covered how to create personas to represent the audience for your digital strategy so you can tell them about Jesus in a way that really resonates with them.

Webinar attendees were given practical ways to begin creating personas. Lieze laid out the essentials for a Persona Toolkit, creating case studies and market research, and gave common mistakes that people make when crafting their personas. Lieze also shared helpful tools for insight mining, such as Consumer Barometer and Google Analytics as helpful quantitative tools and Pew Internet as a good tool for research reports.

If you missed the first Indigitous Session, you can view a video of the webinar as well as Lieze’s PowerPoint slides here at the event page. This is the first of many Sessions that we will have so stay tuned for announcements about future Sessions.

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