Jesus & The Easter Bunny?

easter evangelism short film

The Film Production Department and Marketing and Communications of The JESUS Film Project has launched a new initiative and would love help from the Indigitous tribe.

We are leveraging the fact that next to Christmas, Easter is the season when people are most spiritually curious.

Here’s the plan for the Easter- So What’s It All About campaign:

Step 1: Two films will be posted over two weeks to Social Media about the Easter Bunny- “Bunny Hacked” and “Worker Bunny”
Watch the films at

Step 2: The link to Easter- So What’s It All About takes the viewer to a page where they meet the actor inviting them to explore Easter. See this video at

Step 3: The button takes them to another page to view an animated presentation of Knowing God Personally.
See it at

Step 4: For those who make a decision to become Christ-followers, they are connected with an intentional follow-up strategy from For others, depending on their readiness, they are offered buttons for, and

How can you help?

  1. Pray that people will notice and click on the FaceBook ads
  2. Share the Easter Bunny video on your FaceBook pages
  3. Comment on any of the webpages of the campaign
  4. Other campaigns are also in the works. We’d love your feedback and advice: contact Scott.Santee(at) with your thoughts.  If you have questions about the social media campaign contact Doug.Weiss(at)

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