Strategy / Could you take 15 minutes to pray for 14 million students?

Could you take 15 minutes to pray for 14 million students?

Digital Day of Prayer #PrayEERU

15 minutes = [about] 1% of Your Day

What could you POSSIBLY do in 15 minutes? Why not pray for the 14 million university students in Eastern Europe and Russia? Many of them don’t know anyone who truly follows Jesus. Your prayers could help change that reality.

Go to and sign up to pray for a 15-minute slot on April 21, 2015. The goal is to have people around the world praying for 24 continuous hours for the Gospel to be shared with those students. 311 cities are targeted. This prayer meeting won’t be held in an apartment, conference room, or meeting hall. Instead, it will take place in the digital space, the only space large enough for this gathering.

This is an interactive prayer meeting. We encourage you to sign up to pray for students in a specific city at a specific time, invite others to join you, pray on April 21, and then share your experience later.

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The digital day of prayer was developed in partnership with Indigitous. It’s a digital way to accelerate reaching students for Jesus in Europe and Russia.

Join us in prayer on the 21st and spread the word using hashtag #PrayEERU.