Communication / 7 Short Films You can use to share your story on Global Outreach Day

7 Short Films You can use to share your story on Global Outreach Day

Global outreach day

We all know that on any given day a YouTube video can make us laugh, cry or both. When we’re captivated by what we see, we have to share it immediately.

During Global Outreach Day, we all will be looking for the right person to share our story with, so we can introduce the Story. Here are 7 short films that will be right at your fingertips thanks to a Global Outreach Day collection on the Jesus Film app. The last 4 are clips from the JESUS Film, which are great prompts for spiritual discussion when you don’t have time to watch a 2-hour movie.

1. Ctrl-Z (6 min)
This short film starring Tony Hale of Arrested Development entertains with the possibility of undoing life’s regrets with a keystroke.

2. Rain (5 mins)
A daughter places a desperate phone call to her parents in the dead of night. Available in Arabic, English and Chinese

3. #FallingPlates (4 mins)
With brokenness all around us, there is One who redeems our brokenness.

4. Jesus Calms the Storm (2 mins)
There is peace that can be found in the midst of life’s storms.

5. Parable of the Good Samaritan (2 mins)
Jesus’ example of sacrificial love breaks through the norms of His day and ours.

6. Jesus Triumphal Entry (1 min)

Everyone likes a party, right? When Jesus comes to town we are confronted with how we will respond.

7. Invitation to Know Jesus Personally (6 min)

Sometimes it’s just this simple. When you need to share how someone can begin a relationship with the one who alters our story, it’s nice to have a closer that’s available in nearly 1300 languages.

More info can be found here.