Join the Global Outreach Day tomorrow

Ever wanted to join forces with Christians from around the world in a campaign to share the Gospel with all corners of the globe at the same time? Tomorrow, May 30, is Global Outreach Day, a day dedicated to bringing the Gospel everywhere using the opportunities available to you.

This is not a digital-only outreach campaign, so you can contribute with face-to-face evangelism or digital strategies, or both. This is the perfect way for someone who is new to evangelism to get started. Don’t know how to share your faith? Here are a few blog posts with great ideas:

10 ways to share Jesus Digitally during the Global Day of Outreach

Miheret Tilahun shares 10 practical ways to use digital strategies to share your faith during the campaign. From social media ideas to useful evangelism apps, this is a great starting point for someone who is new to sharing their faith or just wants to try something new.

7 short films you can use to share your story on Global Outreach Day

Josh Newell shares 7 short films found on the JESUS Film app that you can use to share your faith. Some of the films show part of Jesus’ life while others show the brokenness of this world and the need for a Savior. All are meant to prompt a spiritual discussion.

Spiritual conversations on social media

While this post is not directly related to Global Outreach Day, it gives practical advice on how to engage people online and through social media and engage in important spiritual discussions.

Choose an approach that works for you and join the body of Christ on May 30 for the Global Outreach Day.

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