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Incredible Islands makes Bible study fun

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How do you make learning the Bible fun for children? How do you teach in a way that is biblically sound but still entertaining and in a way that resonates with kids? Those are questions that people have been wrestling with for some time, but it’s possible that OneHope has created the answer: an interactive curriculum called Incredible Islands.

Incredible Islands is a Gospel-based curriculum for children’s ministry leaders, home school teachers, and more. Here’s how OneHope describes it:

Incredible Islands is an application-oriented, Gospel-centered, easy-to-use curriculum. Each lesson provides highly participatory lessons for your live church service, and then seamlessly integrates those lessons into an interactive, online world. Incredible Islands allows you to minister to your kids all week long—in church, at home, and online.

Basically there are two parts of Incredible Islands. The first is the classroom curriculum, which is designed to be social and encourage participation. The second part is the online world, where learning continues throughout the week on the child’s computer, tablet or smartphone.

That online world has interactive quizzes, offline applications, prayers, and over 100 games. It’s all aimed at making the Bible lessons “sticky,” getting the children to apply what they’ve learned in the real world and online, and helping children’s ministries to extend their influence “beyond the walls of the church.”

Incredible Islands application

Incredible Islands prayerDesigned for children’s ministries, there are different pricing plans available depending on the number of licenses needed.