33,000 Christians will share Jesus online this September 30th


“What was that?” I yelled through our office, with more than a hint of concern in my voice. My windows were still rattling from the impact.

It turns out a new crossfit gym opened up next door and the class was working out. A coordinated drop can have a big impact. They were shaking the foundations of our building. It’s all fun and games until your floor caves in!

A booming impact is exactly what we want to help believers around the world do this September. Let’s all drop a Gospel message across social media at one time. Let’s #GOEVERYWHERE!

Over 33,000 believers have committed to share the Gospel this September 30th. Will you join us, too?


1. Learn more and sign up for #GOEVERYWHERE at http://usa.goeverywhere.global

2. Encourage your followers and social networks to do the same!

3. Find #GOEVERYWHERE on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Add your voice to the conversation.

Imagine Christians all over the world, standing together in a single moment in time, declaring their faith. Imagine millions receiving the answer of the Gospel, transforming their lives and their worlds. Imagine you’re sending that message to a friend, a family member, or to someone you know who is looking for answers. This is #GOEVERYWHERE 2015.

#GOEVERYWHERE is about believers coming together to have a big impact. Will you join us?

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