Events / Stories from Indigitous # St. Vincent

Stories from Indigitous # St. Vincent

On September 26, 2015, St. Vincent had their first ever Indigitous # event. Here are stories from three of those who attended.

Keyon Solomon

Keyon SolomonMonths, days and hours have passed and finally St. Vincent held its first Indigitous # event. Que wow! On that day we were challenged with the question, “Why Indigitous?” I learned what “Indigitous” really means and how we as the disciples of Jesus Christ have a critical role to play in accomplishing its purpose. For me, this Indigitous # event shed light on how to use what is available to obtain what is not so available.

Using the talents and skills that the Lord has given us, we can develop evangelistic posters, websites, short videos and much more just for that one purpose: to spread the only true Gospel across the world. Simply having a smartphone and a social media account is enough to build, develop, and post images that can mean so much to someone who is desperately in need of advice and love.

Moreover, communicating with Howard wasn’t only time well-spent, but also listening to him made me realize that I can do so much more with the things I take for granted. His well-known film Falling Plates may look simple, but the message it presents leaves the audience thinking and challenges them to make a personal choice. I now feel called to use the utmost of my ability with the purpose of fulfilling one aim – “to call souls to a place of repentance.”

Technology has risen. Jesus also had. What are we waiting for? Let us go and make disciples for His Kingdom, thus being obedient to His command. “Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.”

Algee King

Algee KingThe first Indigitous # event in St. Vincent was really a mind changer and a motivation booster; I’m sharing the glorious Gospel of Christ digitally! The importance and reason for Indigitous was clear and the question “Why Indigitous?” was answered. It is not only a tool but also a medium to the digital world to fulfill our Great Commission in a faster and more effective way.

The Indigitous # event has helped me develop my technological skills and talents so I can reach more people for Christ and even help break down the barriers to the Gospel. I’m inspired to be a bridge, rather than a bubble, who stands and shares the truth even in a world that is against me.

Shenika Phillips

Shenika PhillipsWhen I first heard about Digital Strategy I was wondering what big part it could possibly play in my life. I thought it was about simply using a computer to share events on social media and taking pictures, but it’s much more than that. It was deep. I have learnt that these things are important, yes, but it is also how you do it and your purpose behind it (the end result) that count. The main aspect that stood out to me is the Lord’s glory and His promise of all this.

I was able to see the importance of utilizing digital strategy to reach lost souls for Christ and using the ability He has given to us to build technology to reach His people. Technology really plays an important part in the lives of a lot of Christians today and I am really happy that the Lord has provided it for me to speak to broken hearts, the unreached, the reached, etc.

The Indigitous # event showed me how to have a meaningful purpose for whatever I post, thinking of the end result as I plan what I want the public to receive from God and put into practice in their day-to-day activities. I really want to thank God for helping me to understand the urgency of the need and use of this strategy and for providing the people to patiently help me to understand it better. I am now going to aim to be more effective in whatever I post on social media and, as I learnt during the session, to use my skill and creativity to create posters for the Lord.