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Humorous GIF, unexpected reach

Hi people! My name is Stella Farias. I am part of the Student Alpha and Omega Movement and Nanotechnology study at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). I attended Indigitous São Paulo and I’m here to talk about a post on our Facebook page that reached more than 6,000 people.

In the second half of 2015, my university experienced a two-month strike. Because of this, the academic calendar was delayed and the first half of 2016 began in April. Many students were sad to have their graduation postponed, others were upset about a shortened vacation, and new students who would enter were anxious. Our group was looking for a way to spread the movement through the Facebook page. Then when a a meme went viral in Brazil, I decided to make a GIF wishing a good start to the year. The idea was to ask God to bless us in 2016, despite all the adversity we face, and to start the year in a good mood.

After posting on our website, the post was shared in the university’s Facebook group. The reaction of the students was almost immediate. They loved it! And soon we had 29 “likes” in the original post, 176 likes  on the post in the campus group, 23 shares, and a total reach of 6,225 people. We were very happy with all of this – mainly because we did not imagine it would get so much interaction. And today we reap the fruits of this effort, as many people have started following our page and attending the weekly meetings.


Participating in Indigitous São Paulo made me look at the digital world with new eyes and understand that we have a much bigger impact than I had ever imagined. My heart was motivated by God to continue on this path and serve Him. My prayer is that our minds, our skills, and our hearts are always in the service of the Kingdom and that more and more people are connected to Jesus through digital strategies.