Social media can connect to God

This is not an antisocial (media) post. It’s quite the opposite, actually – so wait, don’t give up reading it so soon. But if you are about my age, you may have patiently listened to several mother’s scoldings like: “Get off this phone!” or “You’re addicted to this phone!”

And your mother is right, somehow, she and the mothers of over 3.2 billion people connected around the world today. Sorry if you’re not Brazilian, but we are record-breakers on the subject: On average, Brazilians spend 9.7 hours on social media daily, which is 60% more than the rest of the world. Although it’s scary, if you understand it as an “addiction,” you’re jumping to conclusions. Actually, as Marshall McLuhan would say, humanity has found on media an extension of itself, artificial enhancers of our own skills.

In other words, maybe we are not imprisoned in a fake world. We are just conquering a new environment.

However, being a Christian, you probably know that your time with God now has a new great competitor. With all this time spent scrolling down the screen, there is not much time left to recharge your spiritual batteries. Besides, our new entertainment world does not have too much to offer about the Gospel, yet. I mean, not about the true Gospel – we’re not considering things like “If you love Jesus, type amen” on this post. On the other hand, mass media (TV, mostly) keeps putting on weight on the negative side of the balance: tons of false theology being spread and presented to society as a reference of Christian faith.

The good new is nothing is lost yet. Actually, our generation’s great opportunity starts right here. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation,” He said. Well, it seems like our harvest has conquered new hectares and this requires engagement from more workers. Social media is a vast mission field and, when it comes to know-how, we are all learning to translate our faith to the new languages in a relevant way. What we cannot put off anymore is His greater command: Go. There’s a lot of the pure and simple Christianity to be said. There is an old adage that, for many people, we Christians are the only readable Bible. The same can be said for our timelines and profiles on the Web.

The experience that I have had at Indigitous São Paulo was essential to allow me to see that. Seeing people from all around the world acting and looking out for those who want to act was undoubtedly a new starting point in my life. And I can’t stand idly by. “Camera in hand, idea in head” was the motto of Glauber Rocha. For us, the process is even simpler. After all, the content has been inspired by Him. Short videos, vlogs, Web series, podcasts, blogs, fanpages, games, apps, memes… A lot of possible formats, you only have to choose. Our call is to be fishers of men. And the fishing nets we already have.

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