Use Ben-Hur to make Jesus known

Coming soon to a theater near you: A great tool and opportunity for sharing the Gospel. The remake of the classic film Ben-Hur hits theaters this weekend (or next month, depending on your location).

If you’ve been paying attention to Hollywood, you’ve noticed a trend lately to turn every comic book into a movie and remake every mildly successful old film. The latter is true of Timur Bekmambetov’s reboot of the 1959 classic, which was the biggest-budgeted film in history at the time of its release.

Though the classic film is best known for its iconic chariot race scene, it’s actually a story of one character’s journey to faith. While executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey normally promote their films solely to faith-based markets, resulting in only Christians watching the films, this time the film is being promoted widely to general audiences, possibly because it’s easier to sell an epic with sword fights and chariot races (the movie is basically Gladiator if Russell Crowe’s character met Jesus). As a result, there is a good chance that you can convince a non-believer friend to watch this film with you. Here is how you can take advantage.

Ben-Hur for evangelism

The filmmakers have created a website called, which includes a number of resources that you can use for evangelism and to invite people to watch the film. The website includes downloadable discussion guides, a YouVersion reading plan, some meme cards, shareable clips, and more.

Film is one of the best ways of reaching a personal at a visceral, emotional level. It draws people in and allows them to experience live through the eyes of another. With Ben-Hur and its accompanying resources, it can be a powerful tool for making Jesus known.

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