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Lately the Indigitous leadership team has been conducting a lot of user interviews to find out how we can make the Indigitous website better (if you would like to be interviewed, leave us a comment below). One comment we have heard a lot is that it’s difficult for people to find what they’re looking for on the site.  My first reaction was shock. I mean, as someone who helped architect the site, I don’t have trouble finding the content I’m looking for!* It’s kind of like a librarian not understanding why you need her help finding a book — don’t you know the Dewey Decimal System? (Note to young readers: Prior to the Internet, people used to borrow books from a library; some still exist to this day).

Upon further examination, we learned that the search box in particular was bad. If you tried searching for content by typing something in the search box — something users have been trained to do on websites for some time — you were not going to get good results, in part because our search was only designed to query a small selection of our content.

All that has changed. We’ve revamped the search functionality on and now whatever you search should return relevant content as long as such content exists on the site. Anything typed into the main search box will return the following content: blog posts, resources, projects, events, and members. To explain, I’m going to give a few examples.

General Search

Let’s say for example that you’re looking for our Persona Creation Kit. If you type “persona” into the search box at the top of the screen, you will be given the following:

  • 1 top result – The Persona Creation Kit
  • 73 Blog posts that mention Personas
  • 6 Resource posts, including the Persona Creation Kit and the Indigitous # Event Hosting Guide
  • 30 Projects
  • 6 events

Or let’s say you’re looking for content related to a student ministry, so you type “student ministry” into the search box. If you scroll through the listings, you’ll find 3 top results, 41 different blog posts, 2 resources, 2 projects, and 5 events relevant to student ministry. Each category initially shows the top 3 results, but selecting “View All” shows all of them.

Got it? There’s more, though. Let’s say that you met someone named Ann at an Indigitous event and you would like to contact her again. Just search the name “Ann” in the search box and see what you get.

Again, you get a list of results in different fields, but since you searched a name, the Members results show first. If none of the top 3 results are the Ann you’re looking for, hitting “View All” will bring you to a listing of all 61 members named Ann.

Member Search

That’s all great for finding a variety of content, but what if you want something more specific? What if you just want to find all members who have a certain skill set or are in a certain location? You can. For that, you would navigate to the Members section of Indigitous.

Let’s say you want to find an Android developer in Mexico. You just go to the Skills section on the right and select “Android” from within “Development,” select “Mexico” from the Country section, and then click “Apply Filters.” You will then be shown all Indigitous members in Mexico who are Android developers — in this case, three people.

Similar filtered searches can be done in the Projects, Resources, and Blog sections as well.

So now that content is easier to find on, we hope that you will find the website more useful to you. We are continuing to interview users and work on improvements to the site, so if you have any feedback, please share.

* This shows the importance of user interviews and Human Centered Design. The UX of an app or website will always seem intuitive to the people who designed it.

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