Strategy / Life is like a Rubik’s Cube

Life is like a Rubik’s Cube

I was passing by the Carillon Tower in the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) when I saw these three high school students having their after-class break eating snacks. One of the boys was teaching the others how to solve a Rubik’s Cube step by step. I once solved the Rubik’s Cube with the help of YouTube way back in college, but this boy had definite skills. I was observing for a few minutes and then approached them.

I asked nicely to borrow the cube for a while; they agreed. The cube was almost solved when I borrowed it but I placed it back to its puzzled form. “It’s a mess,” I said. They nodded. “What do you see?” I asked.

“Patterns,” the first said.

“Colors,” said the second boy.


I said to them, “It’s like life. We have patterns, colors, and solutions in the way we live. But what does this unsolved cube mean then?” I asked. I then shared with them that our lives are a mess. We may be different from one another, but one thing that we all share is the common problem of sin.

I explained that sin messed up the order of our cube. From the beginning of time, we were a creation of God, but sin caused destruction and death in our lives. I then introduced them to the Gospel using the God Tools app.

After leading them through the Gospel presentation, each of the boys prayed to receive Christ. I may not be able to see these kids again because they were from a distant school, but pray that someone in their area will see them again.

Life is like a Rubik’s Cube. We are unsolved, puzzled, destroyed, torn-to-pieces, and the easiest and the right way to solve it is to give your cube to the master/creator of the cube.

Praise God for the Rubik’s Cube; it can be used as a tool.