#EVERY1 Easter Campaign

This Easter thousands of Christians just like you are sharing their faith online. I am excited to be a part of an exciting Easter campaign started by Christian Vision called EVERY1.

The Every1 campaign is aimed at inspiring Christians across Africa to share a simple Gospel-themed video with their friends online over the Easter weekend. The campaign communicates the idea that the Gospel is for everyone, in every situation, in their everyday lives. The goal is to introduce thousands of people to Jesus and to encourage Christians to be more active in sharing their faith in the online space.

Not only do we want to introduce people to Jesus, though. We also want to help them get plugged into a local church. The more people who sign up, the bigger the reach we have, which ultimately means more people being exposed to the Gospel.

If you or your church would like to be part of this years campaign, please contact us on Africa@yesHEis.com to find out more.


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