Redesigned Gospel presentations on GodTools

GodTools, a popular app for face-to-face Gospel conversations has gone through a redesign and has been relaunched. The new GodTools app has a fresh and more modern design, intended to make it more visually appealing and offering a clearer presentation. The app also now comes with a one-touch language toggle, which helps you switch languages when sharing the Gospel across languages and cultures.

The app still has the same Gospel presentation content, including Knowing God Personally, the Four Spiritual Laws, and Satisfied and now has that content in 58 languages.

GodTools leads you through a Gospel presentation so you can share your faith in a way that is easy to understand. The presentations end with links to more content to help the person you’re sharing with, depending on how they responded to the presentation. For example, if they are still not sure who Jesus is, they are directed to to read articles examining that subject. If they accepted Christ and are totally new to Christianity, they are directed to to learn what to do next and what to expect in their walk with Jesus.

GodTools Gospel presentations

GodTools is available for iOS and Android phones. The app is helping Christians across the world share their faith and in the past 12 months has been used all but two nations in the world. In many cases, people use God Tools to share their faith for the very first time. The app is designed to make it easy to share your faith by providing clear, easy-to-follow Gospel presentation that give all of the most important points and lead the person to a decision of whether or not to pray to accept Christ. In addition, if they pray to receive Christ, they can then sign up for an email series to help them grow in their new faith.

If you’re a frequent reader of the Indigitous blog, you have probably seen articles about GodTools before. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to read this article providing a few case studies of people using GodTools to become more comfortable in sharing their faith.

Editor’s note: GodTools used be stylized as two words, God Tools. You will find previous articles about the app on Indigitous referring to it by the old name.

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