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Raising up ‘Digital Missionaries’ around the world – October 19-21, 2018



In just 24 hours, around 600 coders, designers, writers, strategists, storytellers, and others will gather in 30+ cities around the world to hack for missions! Just like the past 2 years, they will work on challenges that will have a missional impact.

Some projects they are working on include a ‘Language Learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) Coach’, ‘Secured Communications for Missionaries’ ‘Waking with Jesus Bible Study App’ and more.

One city has challenges on #EndChildViolence #StopSexTrafficking #PornAddiction etc. These challenges are in partnership with missions organizations like WorldVision, YWAM and Focus on the Family. Another city has partnered with Bible Society UK to try to solve this ‘problem statement’ – “How can digital tools increase appetite for and engagement with the Bible in the 21st century?”

This is just a sample of what are some of the cool things that will happen when you place passionate Christ-centered dreamers, creatives, builders and innovators together in the same room!

Through Indigitous #HACK, we are raising up a new generation of ‘digital missionaries’ who do not only recognize how God has written technology into their story, but now are intentionally using their unique digital gifts and talents to help advance God’s mission.

Pray along this weekend, for meaningful relationships and community to be formed, for many innovative projects to be birthed (many of which would literally have an impact on lives!) and for God to be glorified through it all.

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