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Hacking for Jesus under way

This year’s Indigitous #HACK is under way. Hundreds of coders, designers, writers, strategists, and others are gathering in 30+ cities around the world to hack for missions. In its third year, Indigitous #HACK is a place for people to use their talents for God in the digital space by working on projects that matter, contributing to work that can solve real-world problems facing their communities.

Indigitous #HACK Melbourne

#HACK Melbourne

Indigitous #HACK Nairobi

#HACK Nairobi

During previous years of the hackathon, delegates worked on projects to disrupt human trafficking, reduce suicides, improve language education for missionaries, and more. This year each location is again presenting its own unique local challenges, with the delegates in attendance developing projects to solve those challenges. Some of this year’s projects include a Language Learning AI Coach, Secured Communications for Missionaries, and more.

In London, hackers at the Kingdom Code/Indigitous event — BUILD – are working on a Fitbit-style tracking app for generosity, an app to encourage regular Bible reading, and more. Daniel Jones, Chief Generosity Officer at Stewardship, summed up the first day of the event as “mind-baffling geniuses at work.”

Indigitous #HACK Singapore

#HACK Singapore

Indigitous #HACK Hilversum

#HACK Hilversum

“Missional hacking is about using your God-given talents to help shape practical solutions towards impactful endeavors,” said Indigitous co-founder Simon Seow, speaking at #HACK Singapore. Also speaking at Singapore, Edric Sng, founder of and, said that “Jesus is the ultimate hacker I know. He hacked eternal death!”

We’re looking forward to seeing what unfolds over the next two days.

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