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How to meet awesome people in the Indigitous community

If you’ve been to the Indigitous homepage recently, you might have noticed that it looks different. We have removed a lot of the information on the page and replaced it with the faces of digital missionaries who you may or may not know. If you haven’t seen the new homepage, check it out!

Why would we do such a thing? A while back, we discovered that the Indigitous homepage was confusing to the end user. Because there was so much information and so many different ways in which people could engage with Indigitous, people didn’t know what to do. That analysis paralysis led to a high bounce rate and people not doing what we hope they will do, which is to engage in Kingdom work. Indigitous is a global community advancing God’s Kingdom through technology; being an effective community means engaging with others and engaging in the mission. The redesigned homepage is an effort to increase such engagement.

So what should I do now?

I’m hoping you can figure this part out when you’re on the homepage. The page was redesigned to help you meet awesome people, to engage with the community. Each face on the homepage is a real person who is active in the Indigitous community, not a stock photo! Behind each face is a story, a passion, and a way the person is working as a digital missionary. Clicking on any of the photos brings you to that member’s Story, where they share what inspires them, what they’re working on, and how you can join them. Take some time to read through these and if the Spirit prompts you, reach out to one of them through the Contact button.

Indigitous community

Those not featured

At the moment, there are only 9 people featured on the homepage, a fraction of more than 5,000 members on the website. As before, you can also go to the Members page to find awesome people you want to contact and potentially collaborate with. The members on that page can even be filtered by their skills and location (in the below example, I’m looking for Android developers in the United States).

Indigitous community

Do you want to be featured on the homepage like the other people you see? If you have a Story to share and some way in which other Indigitous members can join you in digital missionary work, let us know! Send us an email using the form below.

Indigitous has always been about engaging with ideas and each other to advance God’s Kingdom through technology. It is our hope that the new design helps facilitate some of those engagements within the community. In the near future we will be releasing other features to help facilitate connections with other community members, so stay tuned for more!


Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

  • Read through the Stories of those featured on the homepage and contact anyone with whom you would like to engage further. 

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