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31 Days of Digital Outreach GO Month
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Last week we posted about the GO Month campaign and encouraged you to take the 31 Days of Digital Outreach challenge. Our Managing Director, Russ Martin, has decided to take on the challenge and will write about his experiences. But what about you?

If we’re being honest, you probably saw that and said, “Ooh, I should do that!” And if we’re being honest, you probably haven’t done anything yet. Hey, it’s okay. It’s not too late to start. So this post is an attempt to get you started if you’re a bit late.


If you’re like me, you tend to procrastinate. The first day of May was on a Saturday, and even though you may have wanted to start the 31-day challenge, it was the start of your weekend and you had other plans. Maybe you were out doing something with your family or friends. That’s certainly a good thing. You said you would get around to doing Day One later, but you didn’t because you forgot.

And then it was Sunday. In your busy day, you were able to squeeze in time for an online church service, but after that, even if you remembered to check in about Day Two of the challenge, you probably didn’t get around do it.

Hey, I understand. To be honest, we’re in the same boat. I’m going to do the first three tasks today once I post this. As long as I don’t procrastinate again…

The point is that you shouldn’t give up because you fell behind. The 31 Days of Digital Outreach challenge is supposed to be a fun challenge to get you to try new things, step outside of your comfort zone, and take part in digital outreach. It’s also meant to be a guide, so if you miss a day, that’s okay. You can do two in a day or even skip one if that’s what’s necessary to keep you going. Just take a step out in faith!


But maybe it’s not procrastination or forgetfulness that kept you from starting. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe you like the idea of digital outreach, but then when it came time to get started, you thought, “This seems kind of scary. At some point I’ll have to do something that makes me uncomfortable. Maybe something awkward.”

Again, I understand. Sharing your faith should make you nervous. Even if you’ve been in-full time ministry for years, the moment when you decide to share will still make you nervous. That’s okay. Just say a prayer, take a deep breath, and go ahead.

Think of a time when you asked someone out on a date or interviewed for a job. You were nervous, right? And you could avoid that feeling by never taking those initiatives, but you would also lose out on relationships and jobs. This is the same thing. You have to be able to overcome your nerves, but in doing so, you may get to experience helping lead someone to an eternal relationship with God!

Get started

For me this is the beginning of Day Three, so I have three things to catch up on, but it’s definitely not too much to do in a single day. All I have to do to catch up is:

  • Read through Teach Me To Share to get ready.
  • Text a friend and ask how I can pray for them today.
  • Share a question I’d like to ask God on social media.

That’s not so hard. I’m going to do these in a few minutes (I promise I won’t procrastinate again…). Will you join me?


Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

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