Development / Help share God’s love through an animated film

Help share God’s love through an animated film

Son project Power to Change

Update September 15, 2021: Due to a variety of factors, the Son project has been shut down. The team is no longer looking for help with this project.

To bring the Gospel to the unreached, we must go where they are. For most of the world, where they are is on their digital devices. Power to Change, a Christian ministry in Australia, is working on a new project intended to reach people with a relevant short film and start them on a journey for spiritual growth.

The project is called Son. The short animated film tells the story of a son trying to please his father. Through seeing the choices that the boy makes and the outcomes of those choices, viewers learn that his father will still love and accept his son, no matter what.

But it’s not just a short film. The Power to Change team is creating an interactive experience. Using a platform that is still in development, the film would conclude with an interactive presentation that details the son’s choices, relates it to a relevant Gospel presentation, gives the viewer a chance to respond to that presentation and accept Jesus, and connects the viewer with opportunities to follow Jesus.

“It’s a complete online experience that helps someone encounter Jesus today and is fully able to be tracked and connected into any ministry we partner with,” says Josh Montzka, a developer with Power to Change and a city lead for Indigitous #HACK.

How you can help

The film and platform are not yet complete, though. The Power to Change team is asking God to raise help to finish the project. “We are looking for people who may be able to partner with us — helping us with development, using it, funding, and other ways,” says Scott Adamson, Digital Strategies Leader for Power to Change.

In terms of volunteers, the team looking for people with talents in three key areas:

  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development

Anyone with one of those skills can really make an impact for God by helping complete the Son project.

Users needed

But maybe you’re not an animator, designer, or developer, but you’re still intrigued by the project. A film isn’t useful if no one watches it. And a platform is no use if no one uses it. So the team is also looking for people interested in using this project, whether as individuals or with your church or missions organization.

“The digital world is the new mission field,” Joshua says. Is God calling you to help take this project to that field?

Son project Power to Change


Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

  • If you’re an animator, designer, or developer, see if you can help complete the Son project.
  • If you’re interested in using the film and platform, contact the Power to Change team.