31 Days of Digital Outreach

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Caring is what we were made to do. Indigitous is partnering with GoMovement this May to mobilize Christians to share the Gospel. As we rally together to share our our faith this month,  we can lean on the Holy Spirit to give us the courage to take action.  

Sharing your faith can feel scary. Instead of some big risky endeavor, we can ask God to help us take a step each day to care for those He’s connecting us to digitally.

We will give you 31 ideas of how you can be engaged in digital outreach this month, one for each day.

Some days it’ll be an idea, a tool, or echoing a prayer for the lost. 

Why not start now? Let’s do this together!

Join Our Community


Indigitous is taking part in this 31-day challenge as a community. Join our community in the MissionHub app to take on the challenge together. That way, we can cheer each other on, pray for reach other, encourage each other, and help each other out as we take part in the challenge.

Week One
  • Day 1: Read through Teach Me to Share to get ready!
  • Day 2: Text a friend and ask what you can pray for them today.
  • Day 3: Share a question you’d like to ask God on social media.
  • Day 4: Gift a coffee to a friend having a hard day. 
  • Day 5: Post a photo that represents God to you and how come.
  • Day 6: Read how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and pray for Him to lead you.   
  • Day 7: Invite someone to watch church online with you. 
Week Two
  • Day 8: Send flowers to a family member just because.   
  • Day 9: Tell a story on Instagram of how Jesus has brought you peace.   
  • Day 10: Seek God for the names of three non-Christian friends for you to pray for every day this month.   
  • Day 11: Send the FallingPlates video to a friend and ask which image sticks out to them.   
  • Day 12: Set a reminder on your phone to pray for three specific friends at 9am, 12pm, and 6pm.    
  • Day 13: Watch the video “How To Use Social Media For God.”  
  • Day 14: Text a family member how God’s been giving you hope recently.
Week Three
  • Day 15: Read about how to support someone who is grieving.  
  • Day 16: Watch two short films and pray for someone with whom you could share one.   
  • Day 17: Text your co-worker to see how they’re doing and pray for them.   
  • Day 18: Share your favorite hope-filled verse and how it’s brought you hope this week.   
  • Day 19: Take a Digital Prayer Walk through your local city center or a city in a country God’s brought to your mind and pray!   
  • Day 20: Build trust with a friend by vulnerably sharing a place you need help and ask for their advice.   
  • Day 21: Invite three friends to take steps of faith with you in a community on MissionHub.
Week Four
  • Day 22: Honor someone who reminds you of Jesus by telling them!   
  • Day 23: Make a video to encourage your friends and post it on social media! Respond to every comment asking how they’re doing.   
  • Day 24: Ask your friend in the medical profession how you can pray specifically for them.   
  • Day 25: Watch the short film “Delight” and send it to a friend who needs to know they’re loved no matter what.   
  • Day 26: Donate $5 to support a cause you care about and invite others to join you.   
  • Day 27: Choose a BibleProject video and ask a friend what they think.  
  • Day 28: Walk around your digital neighborhood (scroll through your followers on social media) and pray for each one by name.   
  • Day 29: Scroll through EveryStudent.com and text a family member an article. Maybe this one on anxiety?!   
  • Day 30: Schedule a FaceTime with somebody who seems lonely.   
  • Day 31: Choose a quote about God’s love from a historical figure and talk about what it means to you.
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