In our connected and digital world Indigitous is a global movement taking the gospel to new people, new places and new spaces.

For over 10 years, we have been fulling our mission: to help followers of Jesus take the gospel to new people, places and spaces.

This is our vision: Followers of Jesus discovering their place in God’s mission

Confidently using digital experiences, exploring and creating innovative approaches, and collaborating with like-minded and like-hearted people to bring the enduring gospel in a constantly evolving and digitally connected world.

With Indigitous, you can be a part of something bigger.
Sarah Thompson
Indigitous Ghana

Today, 3 billions people don't know Jesus yet.

Many of these people don't know a true follower of Jesus. This is why Indigitous.

In 2014, Ken Cochrum said, "There isn't going to be one approach, tool, site, app, video or link that connects 5 billion hearts to Jesus." Today this is more true than ever. What might happen if every follower of Jesus helped someone they know discover Jesus?


Indigitous is my digital home for purpose-driven innovation. The support and diverse perspectives have helped me grow both professionally and as an agent of change. Joining this community was a transformative experience.
Alex Ramirez
ceo @somewhere

God has called us all to missions, with Jesus himself calling us to make disciples, but it’s not something you have to do alone.

For some, digital missions means reaching out to your friends using social media or joining a Digital Mission Trip. For others, it’s about celebrating the story that God has written into your life, discovering a way of using your talents and interests to glorify Him. With our resources, training, simple strategies, and helpful community, we want to walk with you on your digital missions journey.