5 Digital Evangelism Apps All Christians Need on Their Phone

If you’ve ever gone on a long trip, you know how important it is to make sure you’re well resourced, to make sure you’ve packed all of the things you’ll need. Though you usually can’t bring everything you might want while you’re away, with some planning, you can make sure you have the essentials.

For the digital missionary, every day is like being on a mission trip. Every person you encounter, face to face or through social media, is an opportunity to be an important part of their lives and their journey with God. Your smartphone is your luggage, where you’ll carry all of the most important resources. But like your luggage, there is limited space, so out of all the apps out there, what are the essentials? We’ve narrowed it down to five apps that every Christian needs to have on your phone.

1. YouVersion Bible app (iOS, Android, Voice)

YouVersion Bible app

Perfect for: Spiritual growth

Every Christian should regularly read and share from the Bible. Reading from God’s Word a vital part of your own walk with God. While some people (like myself) still prefer to do most Bible reading from a physical printed book, having it also in app form makes sure that the Bible is always available wherever you are.

There are a number of great Bible apps out there. The YouVersion Bible app has the entire Bible in 2,062 versions (1,372 languages), a number of reading plans and devotionals, prayer requests, and community features like events and plans with friends.

If you like audio Bibles, you can also have the Bible read to you in your Google Home or Amazon Echo devices.

2. GodTools (iOS, Android)

GodTools evangelism app

Perfect for: Gospel conversations

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to tell someone about Jesus but didn’t know how? Maybe you didn’t know how to explain the Gospel or just didn’t know how to get started?

GodTools helps Christians all over the world have conversations around God. It makes it possible for any Christian to show someone how they can know God personally. GodTools has several different Gospel presentations in 84 languages that you can use to walk someone through the Gospel, explain how to have a relationship with God, and give them an opportunity to respond. In addition to those tools, GodTools also has the Teach Me To Share tool that helps you learn how to share your faith, get some tips, and build confidence.

3. yesHEis (iOS, Android)


Perfect for: Learning to share Jesus

yesHEis is an app that helps you learn how to talk to anyone about Jesus. The app takes you through a journey as you come to know the Gospel better, build your own story, share what Jesus is doing in your life, pray for and with others, and connect with those who don’t know Jesus. 

When you’re ready to share your faith, the yesHEis app has a library of great video content than can prompt spiritual conversations as well as tools to help you share your own story.

4. Jesus Film app (iOS, Android)

Perfect for: Starting conversations around videos

One of the most compelling ways for someone to meet Jesus is to see Him and hear Him in your own language. The Jesus Film app has the full-lenth Jesus film (also broken into short clips) in more than 1,800 languages. But the app doesn’t stop there, also carrying more than 200 other feature films, miniseries, and short films.

You can search by topic, so you can share a short film about depression with someone who is struggling, or you can search by Bible story. Each video also comes with a number of suggested questions that you can use to prompt spiritual conversations. Sharing a good video with friends is just about the most normal thing you could do, and this app helps you do that for Jesus.

5. MissionHub (iOS, Android)


Perfect for: Making the most of your relationships

If you’re anything like me, you’re forgetful. You might remember that there was someone that you wanted to talk to about something important, but then you got busy and forgot. Or maybe an agnostic friend is going through a hard time, but you don’t know how to respond.

MissionHub helps you be intentional with your everyday relationships by taking the next best step to help others experience God. With the app, you can keep track of the people in your life and where they stand in their relationship with God. You can also keep track of important things going on in their life to pray for, what happened in your last conversation, and what your next step with them should be.

Best of all, MissionHub helps you choose next steps for each person so you can follow Jesus by taking one step at a time with each relationship. The steps come in four types: pray, care, share, and relate, and you can have the app to send you reminders about these steps.

Space on your phone is limited and every restaurant and store you visit wants you to download their app. Unlike those apps, though, these five can have an eternal significance. If you’re a Christian, we recommend you make some space on your phone for each of these apps and try them out.