A Billion Reached with Go Movement Evangelism Campaign

Inmates at an Ethiopian prison gathered around a projector showing the JESUS film. Together they watched a depiction of the life and ministry of Jesus in their native Amharic and had an opportunity to pray for salvation after the film.

“One hundred twenty people were there, including really dangerous criminals, including murderers,” says Werner Nachtigal, the international president of GO MOVEMENT. “Many were saved.”

The film was later shown to an unreached tribe, to mixed results. Thirty people were saved, praying to receive Christ after seeing the film. But some weren’t happy to have the Gospel preached to their tribe. “Others were not rejoicing and afterwards threw stones at the wagon and wanted to beat us. It was like in the Acts of the Apostles,” Werner says.


Those were just two instances of people using the JESUS film to share the Gospel during GO Month, a campaign during the month of May where every Christian is encouraged to share the Gospel with as many people as possible.

Last year Indigitous partnered with GO MOVEMENT during GO Month, launching our 31 Days of Digital Outreach Challenge and providing a number of resources to help people share their faith for the first time.

GO MOVEMENT recently reported that in 2021, more than 75 million followers of Jesus were mobilized to share the Gospel with nearly one billion people. As a result, over 30 million people made decisions to follow Christ. It’s an amazing testament to what God can do through simple steps of faith by people like you. “We are truly amazed at the Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace at work through us,” Werner says.

Start sharing

We’re a few months away from the next GO Month, but you don’t need to wait until May to share your faith. Indigitous has been sharing, and will continue to share, simple steps that any Christian can take to start a faith conversation.

A video series to help

Indigitous PULSE

Indigitous PULSE is a video series where we discuss important digital missions trends that any Christian can try on their own. With video topics ranging from “How to Use Social Media for God” to “How to Mentor Online” to “How to Use Your Creativity for God,” the goal of PULSE is to share simple steps and strategies that any Christian can use to share their faith or start a faith conversation.

Try these apps

GodTools evangelism app

Not sure how to start that conversation with your friend who doesn’t know God? Don’t know the best step to take in your relationship? Never shared the Gospel before? There are apps that can help you figure those out. Our two mostly highly recommended apps are GodTools and MissionHub. The former provides tools to help you clearly communicate the Gospel to someone. The latter provides suggested steps of faith for each person in your life that you want to reach, depending on where they are on their spiritual journey.

Ask for help

Indigitous is empowered by our global movement and speaking to people within those communities might be just what you need. If you need help, advice, or encouragement about helping people come to know God, reach out in our Facebook group. There are people in the group who would love to talk to you.

However you do it and whichever resource you try, we encourage you to look for opportunities to take a step of faith. It can be as simple as meeting a friend for coffee and asking them about their beliefs, it can be using your social media influence to share the Good News, or it can be sharing a Gospel presentation on GodTools. Whatever you do, remember that only God can change someone’s heart. It’s up to you to share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. The results you can leave up to God.

Photo from Cru Stock