A Digital Outreach Campaign to Share the Gospel During May

GO Month

It’s almost May, which means GO Month is coming soon. Indigitous is once again taking part in the month-long outreach campaign that encourages every Christian to take time to pray, care, and share with their friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members – basically everyone in your sphere of influence.

If you’re like most Christians, you don’t share your faith very often. Maybe you’ve never done it before. If so, no need to worry. We can get through this together. Indigitous has curated some resources to help you take part in GO Month without feeling overwhelmed.

A webinar about starting conversations

Sharing the Gospel comes easily for some people, but for most people it feels awkward or maybe even a little intimidating. That’s totally normal. Like any conversation, good communication skills are important, but this is a very specific form of communication. So what are the skills you need? What are some things you can do to get more comfortable and see greater success?

Indigitous Content Strategist Katie Lei recently gave a training webinar for GO Movement that talks about all of that. In the talk, she provides an easy-to-use framework for engaging non-believers in spiritual conversations. You can watch that below.

Some helpful tools

You can catch a fish with your bare hands, but it’s not easy. A quality fishing rod or cast net makes it a lot easier to haul in a catch. Jesus called us to be “fishers of men,” and just like actual fishing, having the proper tools can make the job a lot easier. There are two mobile apps in particular that we recommend using during GO Month, or any time.

GodTools is an app that helps Christians all over the world have conversations about God by providing tools that clearly communicate the message of the Gospel and how we can have a relationship with Jesus. In addition to tools like Gospel presentations, which are available in 120 languages, GodTools also has a number of lessons that help you get comfortable sharing your faith and a new tool called Openers designed to break the ice and start conversation.

MissionHub is an app that helps you take small steps of faith. Everyone is on a spiritual journey and the next right step for them is different depending on where they are in that journey. MissionHub helps you plan the next faith step for your own journey as well as for those in your life who you want to reach. The steps fall in four categories – pray, care, share, and relate –  and are designed to help you figure out what to do next.

Leading others to share their faith

But maybe you’re a pro. You share your faith all the time, so doing it during the month of May sounds easy. If that’s the case, we’d like to invite you to help other people take that step of faith by hosting a Digital Day of Outreach.

A Digital Day of Outreach is a fun and simple event that helps Christians intentionally reach their friends, family, and others online. You can run a DDO with your church group, friends, or family. To make it easier to host one of these events, we have provided two resources to help you. One is a Digital Day of Outreach Toolkit, which tells you how to plan the event, equip people to share, and celebrate their steps of faith. You can get that toolkit here.

The other resource is an upcoming webinar. On May 4, we’re hosting a webinar on “How to Run a Digital Day of Outreach.” The webinar will have step-by-step training on how to run the event, how to prepare for it, how to invite people to it, and more.

With all of these options available to you, we hope you’ll join us next month for GO Month. When you do, we’d love to hear how it went. However you take part, the important thing to remember is that all we can do is take steps of faith in the power of the Holy Spirit. The results – whether someone prays to receive Christ, how many people come to a DDO – are up to God.