Crafting a Good User Experience for Online Missions

indigitous session practical ux design

Eric Barker_Sessions Portrait Photo_15thYesterday Indigitous held its third installment of Sessions, with Eric Barker presenting a webinar about practical UX design. If you’re not a designer by trade, however, there was still a lot of great information during the Session.

As Eric says, “Just because you aren’t a user experience designer doesn’t mean you can’t design great user experiences.” In fact, if you have a product, whether it’s an app, a website, computer software, a phone, or even a book, your product creates a user experience. The question is whether that experience is a pleasant one and whether it is one that benefits your users and your product.

If you missed the Session live, you can view the recording here. During the Session, Eric gave his thoughts on the important aspects of user experiences and how to craft them. He gave insights based on his experience in both UX design and UI design as well as practical steps in improving existing experiences.

But Eric didn’t stop there. He also gave a critique of his user experience with That’s right; we swallowed our pride and in front of a live Sessions audience asked Eric to go through the Community part of the Indigitous website and tell us everything wrong with it. The result was valuable feedback that we will use to improve the user experience of everyone in our tribe. Hopefully the example will also help all of you as you evaluate the experience of your properties.

That’s where the homework comes in. In each of our Sessions, we give you a little homework, asking you to apply the principles you learn to your own ministry. In this case, we’re asking you to evaluate an experience that you control or influence. Then share your findings with us in our Facebook group.

Hopefully the exercise will help you craft better user experiences that will increase the effectiveness of your ministry. After all, that’s what Sessions is all about, providing information to help you become a more effective disciple for Jesus. Our next Session will be on February 26, as Arjo de Vroome will teach us about building partnerships for the Kingdom. Register or find out more about that Session here. If you have a suggestion for a Session topic, write us a comment.