Digital Ministry Can Have an Impact Long After Mission Trip

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Kolo You are Me Jesus FilmWhile speaking at Indigitous Bangalore, a representative from Jesus Film told a powerful story that really showcases why digital strategies are so important to evangelism and discipleship. The story showcases the staying power of digital strategies and how they can fill the gaps in in-person evangelism and discipleship.

All around the world, Christian missionaries are sharing Jesus with areas and cultures that hadn’t been exposed to the Gospel. In the case of Jesus Film, they do so by sharing a film depicting the life of Jesus. In the course of that mission, many will come to Christ, but inevitably the missionaries will move on to bring the Gospel to new people. What happens then?

Ideally there are experienced Christians around who can disciple the new believers. But if not, then what? Do you leave some religious tracts? That might be helpful, but what if you don’t have any in that person’s language? What if that person doesn’t know how to read? (Or what if they simply don’t find tracts to be engaging, as hard as that may be to believe). It’s hard for a new believer to grow into a multiplying disciple if they don’t have guidance or Gospel materials to use. That’s where digital strategies come in.

The missionary may not be able to stay in that town to disciple the new believers, but maybe they can connect online via Skype or social media. They can keep in touch via email (it’s basically the modern-day equivalent of Paul’s discipleship by sending letters), perhaps sending material such as the Spiritual Starter Kit on But what about ministries such as Jesus Film? Surely you can’t leave the films behind when you leave, can you? Actually, you can, as the video below shows.

The moral of the story: Digital crashes everything together. It connects those who wouldn’t be able to connect otherwise. As you develop and modify your digital strategies, pay attention to how you can disciple to new believers after the decision to accept Christ is made, and make sure you have pathways available for spiritual growth.