God Uses Christians’ Social Media for Evangelization

Roman road
“A message + road can change the world,” Pastor Z exhorted as he opened the Indigitous conference in Addis Ababa.  What is that road?Like the Romans in ancient times that pioneered in “road making,” they paved the way for the rest of the world.  We all fall into two categories:  we are either the “track layer” or “track traveller.”  Those that travel on roads  already laid have no choice but to trek the direction that has been set.  Pastor Z  challenged us to build roads that take others to God.  That road currently is through digital strategies.

I have had the privilege to interview several conference attendees about how they personally use social media to share their faith.  Each person clearly sees the need to take advantage of technology today to share their faith.  Because it is extremely difficult to travel from one country to another in Africa, social media is the quickest and sometimes most effective way to reach the lost for Christ.  Pastor Kyama said that he used to go around collecting email addresses to add to his group of “followers.”  Nowadays, people can subscribe to his blog with one click of a button.  He has followers from Japan and Yemen yet he has never set foot on these countries.

Francoise, the only delegate from the beautiful island of Seychelles, enthusiastically told me that she has witnessed God do amazing things in her country using social media.  She became a believer at a digital strategy conference eight years ago.  Even though she  self-professes to be “technology deficient,” she can not wait to return to the main island and begin implementing some of the ideas that she learned today.  One of the first projects that she is hoping to get off the ground is using short video clips (already established through the Jesus Film app) to share her faith.

It has been a refreshing reminder that in this age of technology, many people who seem to live perfect and happy lives via their Facebook statuses are lost and lonely.  I pray that many souls would find Jesus through the numerous digital strategies that Indigitous has been diligently creating.