God Uses Small Steps of Faith for the Great Commission

vijay and simon

“I confess… all through the sharing of the Gospel, I doubted. I wondered if God would work powerfully in his heart to move him toward Himself.”

I knew that God had led me to Indigitous Bangalore for the specific purpose of coaching the Conference Director and contributing to the program and production of the event. What I didn’t know is that in His larger plan, He intended for me to connect with the sound engineer, share my faith with him, and see him come to Christ!

FullSizeRendervijay soundboard


During preparation for the conference, I knew that the guy we hired to provide sound and lights for us was a Hindu.
In my heart I prayed that God would use me (and all of us as a conference) to be a witness to him. But truth be told, I did not expect he would come to believe in Jesus by the end of the conference. (So much for praying with faith!)

Vijay is a kind, soft-spoken young man, not the ‘usual’ kind of sound guy I’ve worked with. He served us diligently, always obliging, never complaining. It was such a joy working with him and we quickly hit it off. I enjoyed chatting with him and getting to know him.

I began praying for him in my heart, trusting the Lord for an opportunity to spark a spiritual conversation with him. I kept thinking about an appropriate time to show him the 4-minute evangelistic short film called FallingPlates, which I knew had Hindi subtitles.

As God would have it, on the last day of the conference someone else requested to see the film during a break. Seizing the opportunity, we projected Falling Plates on the large screen during the tea break. Vijay stood there watching it. He was visibly moved by the many powerful images that illustrated our rebellion against God, but also demonstrated God’s rich love toward us. Following the film, it was very natural for me to ask him what he thought about the film. I also asked him what images from the short film impacted him the most. It launched us into a spiritual conversation that I believe God has already orchestrated.

Very quickly, it became less about me, but all about Him, and what He desires to do in Vijay’s heart that day. It didn’t matter that I was concerned that his Hindu background might prevent him from accept the true Gospel; God can overcome any obstacle.

godtools iconI started drawing on a piece of scratch paper, illustrating for Vijay how our sin separated us from God. I then moved on, using the GodTools app to share some of the key points of the Gospel message.

Vijay listened intently as we flipped from screen to screen on the GodTools app. When it got to the end, I asked him if he wanted to invite Jesus into his life. I confess, I had my doubts. All through the sharing of the gospel, I doubted. I doubted that God can work powerfully in his heart to move him toward Himself. To my surprise, he said yes! Vijay uttered a simple prayer and invited Jesus into his life.

Later on in the day, a co-worker who had heard about Vijay’s step of faith asked him how he felt. Vijay’s simple answer was ‘free.’ My heart leapt in joy as I heard that, what I believe to be an honest profession of faith. I’ve stayed in touched with Vijay over Whatsapp and continue to pray for him to grow to fully understand his faith and new relationship with Jesus.

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