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GodTools App Helps a Missionary Reach Unreached Digitally


“Wow, it is amazing how easy it is to share the Gospel with students when we show them the GodTools app,” said John, a missionary in Southeast Asia. He had just finished sharing the Gospel with Pandu, a college student he met at the national university. “These tools are a gift for us as we work to reach every student on this campus.” By anonymous author

It was a blistering and humid afternoon in Southeast Asia. As my wife and I pulled up to the national university to share the Gospel, I wiped the sweat from my forehead and checked the temperature on my phone. It read 101 degrees Fahrenheit. As I looked around, I was struck by the reality that I was surrounded by students who had never heard the Gospel before. Our plan was simple but highly illegal: We wanted to meet students and share the Gospel with them.

Our goal was to model for the missionary staff and key student leaders how they can share the Gospel with students using Jesus Film Project short films and the GodTools app. So before we began, I was introduced to three local staff guys and we set out to meet students. Within seconds, we walked up to a student named Pandu and I introduced myself. He knew almost no English, but he was very excited to watch an American short film. So I showed him a silent short film that portrays a joyless life.

Pandu related to the man in the film because he had no peace or joy in his life. I was struck by Pandu’s honesty and hopelessness. I shared how I, too, had experienced a similar life before I learned that I cannot have real peace and joy until I have peace with God. 

“Has anyone ever shared with you how you can have peace with God through Jesus?” I asked.

“No.” said Pandu, “I do not know about that.”

I began to pray as I opened the GodTools app and handed my phone to Mel, a local staff member. He had never seen the app before, but he found it easy and natural to use. I began to pray as Mel walked Pandu through how he could have peace with God. Pandu was visibly moved by the Gospel as the Lord had prepared his heart.

I watched rejoicing as Pandu prayed to receive Christ. What an incredible blessing it is to bring the light of the Gospel to a cold and thirsty world!


If you have never used the Jesus Film or GodTools apps for evangelism, it’s easy to get started. Indigitous recently conducted Digital Outreach workshops where we walked through how to use the apps to share the Gospel. You can view those workshops below.