Indigitous Manila Hosts Nation’s First Christian Hackathon

Hacking in the Philippines took on a different form October 30-31 as the Indigitous #Manila team hosted the country’s first Christian hacking event. Held at the Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ, the activity gathered some of the country’s most talented coders and graphic designers to take on the challenge of creating online tools that can help missionaries fulfill the Great Commission.

After a brief overview, participants were put into two groups: the mobile app development and the web development. Here are some of the exciting projects:

Follow Up with the Follow App

The Follow App is one of the most exciting projects Indigitous #Manila is presently completing. The application is a follow up tool to God Tools, an application that aims to help Christians share the Gospel and build disciples using their mobile devices.

While God Tools is composed of content that helps Christians win disciples, the Follow App includes follow-up discussions to build their faith towards Christ. It also aims to resolve the challenges disciplers and mentors face in guiding their disciples, including distance.

With the Follow App, disciplers and mentors can provide their disciples with counseling, small group meetings, group updates, and encouragement even if they are in separate locations. It also makes discussions easier with all the necessary tools for small group meetings located in one app.

During the event, a commenting feature was added to help users create discussions for questions presented in the follow up material. Users will also be able to log in using their Facebook account, which will also be used as their identification for commenting on threads.

The Follow App will be first available for Android users, with its developers aiming to have its debut on Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Go Collaborate with GoMultiply

Are you a professional or a student looking for an opportunity to be part of a mission trip? Or are you looking to invest in one? This is what GoMultiply is all about.

GoMultiply is a project being developed by the web development team formed during the hacking event. The idea was originally conceptualized by one of the participants of The Code for the Kingdom Global Hackathon held in Indonesia October 2-4. After realizing the same need, the Digital Strategy Philippines team decided to pursue it to help this vision materialize.

The website aims to provide mission groups, churches, and investors a way to connect and collaborate in outreach projects and the like. It will include features where participants can also rate and provide feedback that can help improve a program.

Indigitous #Manila lasted until October 31 and had its closing at around 5:00 pm. This event is proof that the means to serve God and fulfill the Great Commission is never limited and can further be heightened as we also take on the digital arena.