Indigitous Network Connects a Global Community of Christians

How to connect in community with Indigitous

If the global pandemic has taught us anything, aside from how freaked people get about the possibility of a toilet paper shortage, it’s the importance of connecting in community. God, who exists in community as a Holy Trinity, created us to be in community with Him and with each other. Lockdowns around the world have made many of us long for the community we may have once taken for granted.

It is people like you who make the Indigitous global community so impactful. We would love to help you connect with other members of the community. But first, it might be helpful to get a refresher about the vision of Indigitous.

Many Christians feel powerless to help people know Jesus. Indigitous equips you with powerful digital solutions and strategies that are resourced by our collaborative community. This empowers you to confidently tell others about Jesus and catalyze the spread of the Gospel to where it is not. 

Watch this video from co-founder Simon Seow as he explains more about the vision of Indigitous.

Community is where you’ll grow. It’s where you’ll get more comfortable in using digital strategies and it’s where you’ll get the support, advice, and best practices that you need. 

So how can you engage with that collaborative community? There are two main channels for doing that.

Our Facebook Group

Indigitous Facebook group

Our Facebook Group is where you go to find people like you. In this group, you can find:

  • Content that you can use for outreach
  • Strategies and tools that can help you share your story and make Jesus known
  • People who can help you get over the hurdles that you have that are making it difficult to share your faith 
  • Encouragement from like-minded believers who want to make a difference
  • A glimpse of what God is doing around the world through people like you
  • Opportunities to get involved and help others come to know Jesus

We invite you to join our Facebook Group to take part in that community. It’s a private group, so make sure you answer the two questions designed for the onboarding process.

Our Slack Community

Indigitous Slack Community

For those who want to collaborate on missional projects, our Slack community is the place to be. In our Slack Community you’ll find missional projects that need your talent. It’s where you’ll find encouragement and help honing a new skill. It’s where you’ll find other people like you with similar talents and interest and a similar passion for serving God.

You’ll meet people like Jonah, a software developer who is using data analytics and web development to help people hear about Jesus. You’ll meet people like Mel, who is building an app for discipleship. You’ll meet people like Emmanuel, who is empowering volunteers throughout Africa to use IT and software development for the Gospel.

You’re probably already using Slack for your work. Join our Slack instance and connect with others who want to collaborate on missional projects!