Learning Digital Missions at Amsterdam Ministry Event

God Tools iPhone Indigitous

I recently had the privilege of going to Indigitous Addis. Why did I go? Because I am Indigitous!

Here’s my story.

Four years ago I found myself sitting at a party. I was uncomfortable because of all the stuff in my pockets. I unloaded it all onto the table to get comfortable. “What is that?” echoed in my ears as the person beside me came closer. “What are these?” my friend seemed puzzled looking at the Knowing God Personally gospel tracts I had emptied from my pockets.  I could tell what he was thinking, “This stuff is weird, don’t you know that people only bring a credit card and their phone to a party?”

It was a lot to take in. All I wanted was to share the gospel. But as I thought about that person’s comments I realized having a pocket full of gospel tracts was holding me back. So, I resolved to find a way to get a gospel tract on my iPhone.

After much searching I realized I needed to make something myself. Some friends and I decided to make an app called GodTools.

This is a good old-fashioned example of being Indigitous. Taking the the gospel to the digital world you live in, my iPhone.

Fast forward to this year. We have GodTools on iPhone & Android. We have shared GodTools with 125,000 people and seen a ton of people come to know Jesus… but we want more. We want more Indigitous people sharing the gospel with their friends in the most natural way possible. So at the Indigitous Addis conference our team decided to release God Tools in 15 new languages so that we could see the gospel spread to new parts of the world we hadn’t seen yet.

It was amazing to see people getting excited about it and want even more than our vision. In the span of the conference we saw:

  • A team come up with a marketing strategy to see another 125,000 people download the app.
  • A guy from French speaking Africa want to translate the God Tools resources into French.
  • 4 Ethiopian guys start a project on the spot to take the God Tools resources to Feature phones.

God was truly at work! It reminded me that there is so much more God wants to do and He loves using our passions to take the gospel to new places. Thank you to everyone who contributed to God Tools at Indigitous Addis. The Lord has already used it to bring several people into relationship with Himself.

If you are excited by the thought of contributing code or translations to God Tools, please email us at