Lives Changed Through Zoom Training to Make Disciples Online

In March, Yīnuò* invited two Christian women she’d been discipling to join her on Zoom for a training session. The women had been growing in their faith and Yīnuò decided it was time to teach them to share their faith and make disciples. Zǐhán and Ruòxī enthusiastically accepted the invitation and also invited their friend Jiāyí to join them.

“At the training, I shared with them how nervous I was during my first witnessing experience,” Yīnuò says. “But that first contact received Christ much to my surprise! By God’s grace, I saw the power of the Holy Spirit at work in witnessing.”

Yīnuò showed them how to use the Four Spiritual Laws — a Gospel presentation that can be found in GodTools and online — to make the Gospel simple, clear, and easy to understand and remember. She walked them through how to start spiritual conversations, how to share their faith, different digital tools that can help, and how to follow up with people. She then gave them an assignment — share with at least one person per week for the next four weeks.

Zǐhán’s story

Zǐhán felt convicted about all the times she hadn’t shared her faith when she’d had the chance before. “During the past two years, a number of people that I knew personally had passed away. I can’t share with them anymore, so now while it’s still day, I want to seize the opportunity to learn and share. May God grant me strength,” Zǐhán says.

Zǐhán shared the Four Spiritual Laws with her sister through WeChat, one of the most popular messaging apps in East Asia, and then later followed up with a video chat. Her sister expressed doubts about God’s existence but was willing to continue discussing it. Zǐhán found a good article on the existence of God, shared it on WeChat, and then the two of them discussed it together. Her sister hasn’t received Christ, but does continue to have spiritual conversations with Zǐhán.

Zǐhán also shared the Gospel with her co-workers, but the biggest excitement was with her husband, who works overseas. Zǐhán messaged him on WeChat, shared the Four Spiritual Laws, and talked about her relationship with God. Her husband received Christ that day!

Ruòxī’s story

After the training on Zoom, Ruòxī thought of her neighbor. She had talked about God and her faith with that neighbor several times, but this time she used the Four Spiritual Laws. In addition, Ruòxī used that tool to help four Christians she knows reaffirm their decision for Christ, including her sister, brother, and two other neighbors. 

On Easter morning, Ruòxī went to a market and shared Easter tracts with all of the vendors, taking time to talk to all of them about the meaning of Easter and faith in Jesus.

For eight years, Ruòxī had been meeting with an elderly woman named Guìyīng. The first time they talked, Guìyīng said she’d never heard of Jesus. They had many conversations about faith throughout the years. Last month, Ruòxī heard news that Guìyīng, now 100 years of age, was in a coma and had been unresponsive for a week. Ruòxī visited ther at the hospital and prayed for her. During their time together, Guìyīng surprised everyone by opening her eyes but still couldn’t talk.

Ruòxī used GodTools and read through the Four Spiritual Laws with Guìyīng. When she heard John 3:16, Guìyīng gripped Ruòxī’s hand. Ruòxī then read a prayer of salvation. Guìyīng gripped her hand and nodded. It was clear to Ruòxī that the Holy Spirit was working in Guìyīng’s life.

Jiāyí’s story

While being trained on Zoom to share her faith, Jiāyí’s first thought was of her husband. When he left for a work trip, Jiāyí sent him the Four Spiritual Laws on WeChat. He didn’t read it. “When he came home, I told him that I have an assignment to share this with someone and get feedback,” Jiāyí says. “I asked him to help me. He agreed.”

Jiāyí then shared her faith, talked about her relationship with God, and shared the Gospel with her husband. For the first time, he was attentive and seemed to appreciate understanding the Gospel and her beliefs. After more discussions, he agreed to start reading the Bible together with Jiāyí.

Successful witnessing

Each of the women that Yīnuò trained in the Zoom meeting took the initiative to share their faith. The women combined to share the Gospel with 21 people over a six-week period, with four of those people receiving Christ. As for those who haven’t, that doesn’t mean that the witnessing was a failure.

“Success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God,” Yīnuò says. “The Gospel seed was planted and God will do the budding.”

* Editor’s note: All names have been changed for security reasons.


Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

  • Take the challenge! Share the Gospel with at least one person each week for the next four weeks.
  • You can use GodTools to help you.