More Ways to Train Christians to Share the Gospel Digitally

Editor’s note: This is the second part of an article about training Christians to share their faith. Part One can be found here.

God gives each of his follower’s a clear command to “make disciples of all the nations.” Though most followers of Jesus agree that it is important to share the Gospel, very few do. Two major reasons for this are:

  1. Most Christians don’t know how to share their faith
  2. Most Christians don’t feel confident or comfortable talking about their faith

Digital strategies can help with both of these. In Part One of this article, I discussed how God Tools and the Jesus Film app can aid with face-to-face spiritual conversations. For some, however, the idea of sharing their faith face to face is still too intimidating.

What if the Christian is not ready for sharing their faith face to face? I get it. As an introvert, starting a conversation with a stranger about any topic is awkward. Is there a baby step that they can take to share in a way that is more comfortable? Yes, that’s what our phones are for, when they’re not catching Pokemon!

Social media for evangelism

Social media is an easy way for introverts and those lacking confidence to share their faith. You can use Hootsuite to do social listening, scanning social media for people who are discussing key topics. If someone is tweeting about depression, offer them the hope of God. If someone is asking questions about God, answer them.

sharing Gospel with social media

Use WhatsApp to share your faith with your friends and in WhatsApp groups. Start group conversations about spiritual matters and let the Spirit guide you.

Use Facebook to pay attention to what is going on in your friends’ lives and look for opportunities to reach out to them. Look at what Amy Udy did. One day Amy was on Facebook and she noticed one of her friends, who is not a believer, was sharing a lot of travel photos, but she didn’t look happy in any of the pictures. So Amy messaged her friend and asked how she was doing. Her friend was shocked that she could tell something was wrong and surprised that someone cared enough to reach out. So they started talking on FaceTime and Amy’s friend told her about her marriage problems, depression, and other struggles. Amy shared her own experiences, talked about Biblical marriage, and shared the Gospel.

using Facebook for sharing the Gospel

Use Voke to kickstart conversations

Another great tool for sharing your faith with someone at a distance is an app called Voke. Voke is a video-sharing app that helps you kickstart conversations that matter. The app also notifies you when your friend starts watching the video, when they finish it, and more so you can be there to talk to them at the moment of impact, possibly the very moment the Holy Spirit is working in their heart. What’s more, it comes with Vokebot, a program that helps you through the conversation by giving tips and suggestions.

Voke conversation starters

Digital Day of Outreach

One of the easiest ways to get Christians to start sharing their faith for the first time is to host a Digital Day of Outreach. Basically, a Digital Day of Outreach is an event where you’ll get a lot of Christians together, often students, and have them spend the day using Voke or social media to send an evangelistic video to their contacts. As their contacts watch those videos, they start up spiritual conversations.

We’ve seen God do amazing things at DDOs. Many of the participants had never shared their faith before. Many have helped friends and family members come to know Christ who they never thought they would be able to reach, people who they never even bothered trying to reach before because it seemed hopeless. Participants leave a Digital Day of Outreach with more confidence in sharing the Gospel and new tools to do it with.

Most Christians understand the importance of sharing the Gospel but don’t do it because they don’t know how and they lack confidence. For the Christians that you know personally, don’t assume that something that comes naturally to you is easy for them. Take it upon yourself to help them learn to share their faith with confidence using these digital tools and others. Just like Luke Skywalker, they need to be trained, and we need to be their Yoda.