Online Church Members Learn To Make Disciples Digitally online pastor Alan George

Part three of Indigitous’ interview with’s Alan George

One common criticism of online churches is that it is too impersonal, that you can’t have the kind of connection that you would walking into a church building on a Sunday. Alan George, online pastor for, recently discussed how chat rooms and other interactive features bridge that gap and brings that community online. Alan feels that not only does the online church offer an advantage for those who don’t feel comfortable walking into a church building, but it also has an advantage when it comes to discipleship.

Every Sunday a large number of people walk into a church for the first time, listen to the message, and then just walk out without talking to anyone. No one got a chance to meet them, find out where they are spiritually, and offer them their next best step. Online church has an advantage, Alan says, because they can track everyone who visits them online and can send “targeted communication towards them, knowing exactly what they’re going through and what they’re looking for.”

If someone visits a brick and mortar church and indicates that they’ve made a decision to follow Christ, someone on the church’s staff or a volunteer would offer them discipleship help, such as making sure they had a Bible and helping them get connected with a small group.’s online church does the same. Watch the video to find out how.

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