Outreach Campaign Shows Power of Missions on Social Media

Guest post by Angel McCurdy

#LovedEnough at James MadisonHave you ever thought about what your impact on social media could be? If you and all of your friends and family banded together for one cause, what would happen? That’s something we asked ourselves within Cru and from that question decided to launch a week-long campaign centered on the idea that we are all loved enough by a great and mighty God.

During the week of February 9 through 14, Cru ministries – made up of about 50 individuals – were asked to participate in the #LovedEnough campaign, which was comprised of shareable graphics, a video (below), spiritual conversation starter graphics and a article.

Overall, 368 users shared content using the hashtag on 563 individual posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The reach of the hashtag was estimated at 377,697, and the impressions – or number of times the hashtag was seen in the social space – reached over 1 million. The article on received 2,690 page views, with an average view time of 4 minutes and 24 seconds (an average view for a story on the site is 1:31).

#LovedEnough at Emery UniversityWhile the numbers were not as high as projected, the most exciting part of the campaign was seeing how students and ministries were able to take the concept off the screen and apply it to their own ministry outreaches.

Students at Emory University created verse reminders (left). Coastal Carolina Cru students set up shop at a Starbucks to survey students and tell them they are #LovedEnough by Jesus Christ. Men with James Madison Cru gave flowers to women with the tag, “Do you believe you’re loved enough?” All across the social space were examples of taking this simple social media campaign and making it work to spread the Gospel in the best way possible for each individual ministry’s audience. How can you work with others to increase your social media outreach?

Angel McCurdyAngel McCurdy is the Social Media Community Manager at Cru. She is responsible for creating content, managing websites, reviewing analytics, and creating training material for all of Cru’s social media accounts.