Resources to Help You Confidently Talk to Someone About God

Are there people in your life with whom you would like to talk about Jesus but don’t know how? Sure, you want them to know God, but you also don’t want to make your friendship awkward. You don’t want to sound like a weirdo, or be accused of being a bigot. Or maybe your conversations tend to be superficial and you don’t know how to transition to a deep spiritual topic.

“I see you like playing Among Us. You know who is always among us? God.”

Yeah, don’t do it like that. 

This is a major struggle among Christians. In a recent Indigitous survey, 46.5% of respondents said the biggest struggle they face in sharing Jesus is finding ways to open up spiritual conversations. Simply put, most Christians are not very good at talking about God. That’s why I was excited when I signed up for an email series that aims to help with that.

How to talk about God has an email series called How To Talk About God that gives tips, advice, and exercises that anyone can follow. Every five days, a new message hits your inbox with some encouragement, inspiration, and something new to try.

I recently signed up for the email series and so far some of the content I have received has been:

  • How to talk about God on Twitter
  • How to talk about God with atheists
  • How to talk about God at events

Each email has a story from Director Marilyn Adamson, a resource, and a practical application. And it’s always something simple that anyone can do.

Watch these videos

If you need more help starting conversations about God, we have some videos that might help. Last year Indigitous held a series of Digital Outreach workshops, two of which were focused on starting spiritual conversations.

In “How to Have a Conversation About Jesus Using the GodTools App,” we showed how to use GodTools, an app featuring several contextualized Gospel presentations. The workshop includes ice-breaker tips and simple strategies for using the app to have comfortable, natural conversations.

In “How To Start a Spiritual Conversation Using the Jesus Film App,” we showed how you can use short films and film clips to spark spiritual conversations. Sharing videos with friends is something that comes naturally, so for many people, using the Jesus Film App to start conversations about Jesus is a natural step to get you started in evangelism.

If you tried any of these three resources, we would love to know about your experience. If you find yourself still needing help, we would love to know that as well! You can ask for help in our Facebook Group.