Students Serve With Indigitous Through New U.S. Cohort

Indigitous Serve cohort

One quarter of the world lives in a frontier people group, defined by the Joshua Project as “Unreached People Groups with 0.1% or fewer Christians of any kind and no evidence of a self-sustaining Gospel movement.” People in such groups are Gospel-starved, with no churches, no Bibles, and with most having never met a Christian in their life. But God loves each and every one of them and desires a relationship with them. A new Indigitous cohort based in the United States aims to help close that missional gap.

Earlier this year, Andrew Feng, the U.S. Expansion Lead for Indigitous, launched Indigitous Serve, a cohort of 7 students and 2 mentors spread out throughout the United States who are collaborating to develop an online awareness campaign for frontier people groups.

God has called people to the Indigitous Serve spring cohort from varied backgrounds, including students studying music and medicine to business and computer science. “We started the cohort to create a pathway to incline people’s hearts towards missions via micro-projects,” Andrew says.

“Even though we’re located all over the U.S., God has brought us together online to explore how we can take part in His kingdom mission, not five years from now, not after we achieve our dreams and retire — today,” says Addison, one of the cohort participants.

“This spring, we’re partnering with our friends at the Joshua Project, who have built a comprehensive database on the spread of the Gospel among people groups all over the world,” says Jenny, a medical student and aspiring anesthesiologist.

Working closely with the Joshua Project, the Indigitous Serve cohort is collaborating on projects to present information about the largest frontier people groups to young Christians, raising awareness for the needs and how young Christians can help.

“We’re the first cohort of Indigitous Serve, working together to see how our faith in Jesus transforms the way we work and how we serve God’s kingdom,” says Jeemin.

Indigitous Serve is a 12 week digital missionary experience. Participants work on real-world mission challenges that help people discover Jesus. Those who take part live in community and use their talents for God in the global digital space. “We are excited to see students from all over the U.S. use their ‘Monday to Friday’ skills to collaborate together on projects of missional importance,” Andrew says.

Indigitous Serve Cohort

How you can help

Regardless of where you live and what abilities and availability you have, you can help the Indigitous Serve spring cohort with its mission. Here’s how:

  • Share what this group is doing.
  • Follow them on Instagram at @id.serve.
  • Support the team financially.
  • Pray for the team.

Join the next cohort

If you’re in the United States and are interested in joining the next Indigitous Serve cohort this summer, send us an application.