The yesHEis App Teaches You How To Share Your Testimony

One of the best ways for you to share Jesus with another person is by sharing your story. This is what Christians often call their “testimony,” the story of your relationship with God.

But how do you tell your story? For some, it’s easy. They can tell you the exact moment they accepted Christ and how He met them. But for many people, their story doesn’t seem all that dramatic — at least not on the surface. Maybe you were raised a Christian from an early age, so you don’t have a dramatic conversion story. Maybe your life has been relatively comfortable, so you don’t have a dramatic story about how your life hit rock bottom and you cried out to God for help. But even if your Christian walk doesn’t have any of those seemingly dramatic moments, you still have a great story to tell. You just need to figure out what the story is and how to tell it.

Build your story

The yesHEis app, created by Christian Vision (CV), aims to help with this through the Build Your Story feature. By sharing what Jesus has done in your life, you can help others come to know who He is. The yesHEis app actually helps you write your story through the three main points common to testimonies:

  • What was your life like before Jesus?
  • Why did you decide to follow Jesus?
  • How has your life changed since following Jesus?

For each of those three points, the app offers a writing prompt to help you think through the answer. What was your life like? What are some important things to share? How should you describe that time of your life?

yesHEis build testimony

Sometimes examples from someone else’s story can help get your ideas flowing. Each point also includes three example stories from members of the yesHEis team. Reading through them, you might become inspired and be ready to write your own story down.

Once you write out the three parts of your story, yesHEis saves your story to your profile in the app, so you can refer to it any time you want to share it with someone. If you’ve never thought about how to share your testimony, or never even thought about what your testimony is, this is a great way to build one. Once you have that testimony, you can edit it throughout your life, adding details that become more important.

My church has a saying: “Your story told truthfully is good news for to those who are near to God and those who are far from God.” That means your testimony can help encourage other Christians while helping those who don’t yet have a relationship with Jesus to find Him. If you don’t already have a personal testimony, try out the Build Your Story feature on yesHEis.