This Generation’s Screen Time Means a New Era of Missions

youth with digital technology

by Connie Thomson

youth with digital technology
This kid is another early adopter of digital technology

I wanted her to go to the sleepover, but she wasn’t interested.  She was worried that she wouldn’t know anyone, that she wouldn’t relate to the other preteens, that she would be left out, that it would be boring.  My preteen daughter went up to her room and closed the door, saying that her stomach was hurting and she didn’t want to go to the sleepover with her church youth group.  And she didn’t want to discuss it further.[pullquote]It’s how they see the world.  Through a screen.[/pullquote]

I was downstairs when I started texting her from my iPhone to her iPod touch.  We talked back and forth for half an hour about fears she had.  She didn’t feel like talking, wanting to remain in her room to “hide” from the world around her.  At the same time, I was talking to the youth group leader via text as well, asking her what the girls would be doing that night.  I shared some texts I had received from the leader with my daughter.  She decided that the evening sounded like an awesome time.

My daughter came charging excitedly down the stairs, nail polish, face masque and sleeping bag in hand, ready to head out!  She was a different girl, prepared to enjoy the company of new friends and connect with other kids.

How did she get there? Through a text conversation!  This is where the next generation is.  They are used to talking through and thinking through ideas and making decisions digitally.  It’s how they see the world.  Through a screen.  It’s how they change their minds.  Through a screen.  It’s how they make decisions.  Through a screen.

Indigitous understands this.  Indigitous sees through the eyes of this generation. We want to see the world changed through using digital media.  We want to help seekers of Christ find Him in a meaningful and relevant way. We want to impact followers of Christ in a way that helps them follow Him more deeply.  We want to impact leaders in a way that helps them lead more like Him.  We are Indigitous.  Get involved!  Be Indigitous.