To Serve God Well, We Must Focus on Experiencing God

“Before we even talk about bringing the unchanging Gospel to a changing world, we first need to understand and fully experience the Gospel ourselves,” says Indigitous co-founder Simon Seow. Getting back to the root of the Gospel and its place in our lives was the focus of the first week of Indigitous STEPS.

Indigitous STEPS is a six-week virtual program designed to provide pathways and community to the digital specialist who desires to use his or her digital skills for the Great Commission. Each week during STEPS, participants are given reading material to grow in a certain area followed by an online call with a subject matter expert. During the week, participants engage with each other and with mentors in discussions on Slack.

During the call, Simon talked about the four cards that our cultures use to define us. Report cards define us by our performance, teaching us that we need to prove ourselves through our achievements. Identity cards identify us as who we are in the context of our community, symbolizing our desire for belonging. Name cards, or business cards, define us by how we contribute, driving us toward achieving a certain status. Credit cards define us as consumers, defining our lust for success and materialism. Too often, a person allows their self-worth to be defined by those four cards. “These four cards are hijacking what I believe to be our true mission in life,” Simon says.

Thankfully, there is another card that we can use to define our lives and our mission: a calling card. God commissions us, calling us all to the Great Commission but in unique ways.  “God places in all of us a desire to be an agent of change or influence to bring fresh thinking and innovation wherever he’s placed us,” says Simon.

As part of the Indigitous movement, you’ve been given a calling card. God has written digital into your story for a reason and it is your calling to use your talents for God to make Jesus known.

During the call, participants were asked to share in groups how God has written digital into their story and how they have been pursuing it. One participant pointed to attending a Code for the Kingdom hackathon in Indonesia in 2014. “It was a sight to behold, knowing that these people’s abilities are furthering biblical principles and the Gospel,” she said. Another participant said, “I have found my calling through the Indigitous #HACK of 2017.” Several participants shared that they have always have interests in tech and have been working or studying in the tech field while hoping and praying that there would be an opportunity to do tech for something important.

Whatever your situation, God has created you with his calling for you in mind. We believe your skills and interest in digital are not by accident but rather part of God’s calling for you. You need only to embrace that calling card.

You can watch all of Simon Seow’s talk below.


Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

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